Course Information


This graduate course is about the fundamentals of digital design and computer systems . The main aim of the course is providing an understanding the analytical approaches and digital systems as well as the methods followed in synthesizing and analyzing the them.

The general body devoted to digital design is on Binary Systems, Codes, Boolean Algebra,Digital Logic Gates, Simplifying the Functions, Combinational Logic, Sequential Synchronous Logic and Design Problems

The course is taught by Dr. Ahmet Selman Bozk─▒r.

Exam Dates

First Midterm: 14.4.2023 - Friday at 13:40
Second Midterm: 26.5.2023 - Friday at 13:40
Final: 15.6.2023 - Thursday at 14:40 (Online)

Time and Location

Lectures: Friday at 13:40-16:30 (Online)

Reference Books

  • Digital Design and Computer Architecture, D. Harris, S. Harris, Morgan Kaufmann, 2007.


The course webpage will be updated regularly throughout the semester with lecture notes, presentations, and important deadlines. Since this class wil be taught online, it is obligatory to register Piazza BBM242 communication group

Course Requirements and Grading

Grading for BBM242 will be based on

  • Midterm exam 1 (25%),
  • Midterm exam 2 (25%),
  • Participation (10%),
  • Final exam (40%).

Course Content

Date Topic Notes
Mar 3 Introduction [slides] Introduction to Digital Systems, Number systems
Mar 10 Logic Gates [slides] Logic Gates, Logic Levels, CMOS Transistors,Power Consumption
Mar 17 Boolean Algebra, SOP, POS [slides] Boolean Algebra, Duality, De-Morgan's Law, Minterms, Maxterms, SOP, POS, Multiple Input Gates
Mar 24 Gate Level Minimzation [slides] Karnough Maps, Prime Implicants, Essential Prime Implicants, NAND/NOR Gate Based Design, Parity Checkers
Mar 31 Combinational Circuits [slides] BCD-to-2421 Converter, Ripple-Carry Adder, Carry Lookahead Adder
Apr 7 Combinational Circuits 2 [slides] Decoders, Encoders, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, Tri-state Buffers, ROM, Propagation Delays
Apr 14 1st Midterm No class
Apr 21 Official Holiday No class
Apr 28 Sequential Circuits, Flip Flop [slides] SR Latches, D-Latches, D Flip Flops, Shifters, Floating Point Representations
May 5 No class [slides]
May 12 Memory Types, MIPS [slides] Counters, Shift Registers, DRAM, SRAM, Introduction to MIPS
May 19 No class (National Day) [slides]
Jun 2 MIPS based Programming [slides] Branching, Loops, Function Calls, Stack, Arrays, Recursion